4 Wise Tips to Consider When Eating Vegan on a Tight Budget

Do you think that switching to Veganism is one of the worst decisions that you have ever made due to the fact that it is already starting to eat up all of... Read more →

5 of the Best Sources of Protein For All Vegans Out There

Being a vegan is not that simple, especially if you just switched to being one and you are not yet used to all of the types of food that you must avoid... Read more →

Buckwheat Pancakes with Tuna and Mozzarella

Yet another delicious recipe made from buckwheat flour. This dish is perfect for dinner, since it is really light and healthy. I have not yet tried vegan... Read more →

Buckwheat Mush with Sauerkraut

I have finally come to describe one of my favorite dishes! This is buckwheat mush with sauerkraut. It should be named sauerkraut with buckwheat mush,... Read more →

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